Chair and Members

PQF-NCC  (Sec. 2, EO No. 83 s.2012)
The PQF National Coordinating Committee was created with the following composition:
a) Secretary of the Department of Education 
      (DepEd)  -  Chair  
b) Secretary, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) 
c) Director General, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) 
d) Chairperson, Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
e) Chairperson, Professional Regulations Commission (PRC)    
Powers and Functions of the PQF-NCC (Sec. 8, IRR of EO No. 83 s.2012)
1. Creates  technical working groups in support of the detailing and implementation of the PQF
2. Harmonizes the levels of qualifications with all levels of education
3. Aligns education standards and learning outcomes to the level  descriptors contained herein 
4. Develops and recognizes pathways and equivalencies 
5. Discuss and agree on the elements of the PQF including but not limited to their principles, key features, definitions or terminologies, structure and governance arrangements
6. Review and update the PQF
7. Provides information and guidelines in the implementation of the PQF
8. Establishes a quality assurance mechanism
9. Maintains the national registry of qualified manpower
10. Ensures the international alignment of the PQF with the qualification frameworks of other countries.
11. Represents the country in international fora or negotiations on qualification agreements/arrangements
12. Provides regular feedback on the progress and accomplishments to the Office of the President with respect to the implementation of the Order.
13. Perform such other functions that may be related to the implementation of the PQF