The Philippine Qualifications Register(PhQuaR)

  • The Philippine Qualifications Register is the national database of quality assured qualifications authorized under the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF). It provides information to employers, education and training providers and students. The information includes the Qualification Title, Qualification Descriptors, the PQF Level, the Authority granting Agency, the Qualification Code, the Instrument and Date of Authorization. It also includes information on the quality assurance system and procedures applied to the awarding/conferment of the qualifications and the agencies mandated to authorize/issue such qualification. 
  • The PhQuaR is a web-based information-sharing system managed by the PQF Technical Working Group on Qualifications Register headed by the Executive Director of the TESDA Qualifications and Standards Office with members from CHED, PRC, DepEd and DOLE. Developed in 2013, the website with direct links to the awarding agencies’ official websites is currently closed for upgrading.    
  • Inclusion of a qualification in the PhQuaR requires that the TVET Qualification has been developed and promulgated in accordance with the criteria and procedures enumerated in TESDA Board Resolution No. 2014-04 dated April 30, 2014 (Approving the Amendments of  the Training Regulations Framework); Updated  Operating Procedures (TESDA-OP-QSO-01 dated March 1, 2017 on  Training Regulations  Development and  Deployment) and various  sector specific  TESDA Board Resolutions on Approving and Promulgation of  Training Regulations (e.g. TESDA Board Resolution 2016-06 dated March 30, 2016 for Chemical Processing NCIII).  On the other hand, a Higher Education Qualification at the Baccalaureate level must have been formulated in accordance with CHED Administrative Order No.1 series of 2014 (Revised Guidelines in the Formulation of CHED Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PSGs) of Baccalaureate Level Academic Programs).  Similarly, the post baccalaureate and graduate level qualifications must have been formulated in accordance with the PSGs for graduate education.  


  • Qualification refers to a formal certification that a person has successfully achieved specific learning outcomes relevant to the identified academic, industry or community requirements.  A qualification confers official recognition of value in the labor market and in further education and training;
  • A qualification is a formal document issued by an authorized body in recognition of an individual's educational attainment and/or current competencies. This document may come in the form of Diploma, Certificate or License.